Favourite Thing #3


  1. The Treatment (Sydney)
  2. Rayon Moon
  3. Bang Bang Rock N Roll (Sydney)
  4. Crash The Curb (Canberra)
  5. Heavy Beach
  6. The Summervilles
  7. Pioneers of Good Science
  8. Messed Up
  9. BJ Morriszonkle

The outstanding musical stylings of each act is but a click away...

What is this?

Favourite Thing is a music festival featuring a collection of garage, punk and indie rock n roll bands from Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

The third installment (aptly named, Favourite Thing #3) takes place on the day after the apocolypse, Saturday December 22nd at the ilustrious Yah Yah's, 99 Smith Street, Fitzroy

Doors open at 5:30pm, entry is $12.

It may be noisy.

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A mixtape? For me?